Enomatic Refills


Enomatic Wine Dispensing Systems recommend a specialist gas mix to preserve your wines in optimum condition. Through our co-operation with Blended Products Ltd. you can now order and pay for your gas supplies online. Once processed your order will be delivered by courier to anywhere in the UK normally within 72 hours.

Please ensure that all empty cylinders are ready for collection in their original packing case which must be retained for that purpose. Failure to do so will incur a £15.00 re-packing fee

If you would like to know more about the Enomatic system, please email sales@enomatic.co.uk


Eno Gas 1 - Refill 6.67 litre


Bespoke gas for Enomatic machines

Note: If you are ordering a refill, you must ensure that you put your empty cylinders in boxes, ready for collection at the time of ordering. Replacement cylinders will be charged at £200 each. (boxes originally supplied)

£32.99 + £35 Carriage truck (Discounts available for cylinder multiples)

Eno Gas 1 - Extra Cylinder 6.67 Litre


Purchase outright an extra cylinder (pre-filled), for really busy periods or just simply as a spare.

£190.00 + £35 Carriage truck (Discounts available for cylinder multiples)

Replacement case


Replacement case which is required for courier refills, this fully re-useable foam lined packing case is stipulated by our couriers to ensure safe transit during the courier refill process. Any heavily damaged packing cases will have to be replaced before any transit is possible.

£16.99 + £10 Carriage truck